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Should you sue a dog owner for personal injury?
If you’ve been bitten by a dog, the owner can be held liable under California’s dog bite law. However, for injuries resulting from other dog behaviors, California’s negligence rules apply. …read more >

Attorney for roller coaster accidents
Over the years, roller coasters have gotten faster and more thrilling, providing extreme adventures for riders. But, roller coaster accidents have resulted in serious injuries as well as deaths. …read more >

Nursing home wrongful death cases are more common than you think
As many as 44% of nursing home residents surveyed reported to having been abused at some point during their residency. This abuse can end up having tragic consequences for residents and their families. …read more >

Native Spanish speakers deserve a Spanish speaking attorney
If you speak Spanish and are injured in California, then you need representation you deserve. Consult a Spanish speaking lawyer. …read more >

Nursing home falls can lead to death
The elderly are very vulnerable to falling, especially those with poor mobility and weakened bone density. In fact, falling is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for the elderly in the U.S. …read more >

How to build your personal injury case
If you’re filing a personal injury claim, there are several thing that you can do to help your attorney build a strong case. …read more >

Three personal injury case mistakes to avoid
Personal injury cases often involve complicated legal rules. Unfortunately, many people make decisions right after their accident that can end up costing them when it comes to getting fair and adequate compensation. …read more >

Is it worth the time to sue an uninsured person for personal injury?
Being involved in a car accident is a very stressful experience, especially if you’re injured. But, it can be even more overwhelming if the other driver is not insured. …read more >

Catastrophic vs Personal Injury differences
If the injury to a victim involved in a personal injury case is particularly severe, such as a traumatic brain injury or amputation, it would be considered to be catastrophic. …read more >

Here are some of the reasons I love living in Los Angeles
There are so many great things about L.A. making it the best city in the world in which to live. The fabulous weather and cultural diversity are just two of them. …read more >

Attorney for assault victims in Los Angeles
Assault and/or battery cases happen all too often. If you’ve been a victim of such an attack and have suffered serious injury, filing a personal injury claim may your best option for compensation…read more >

Can dashcam video help your case?
Dash cam videos can be useful in providing first-hand evidence as to what occurred in an accident. And, these videos are admissible as evidence in California courts…read more>

Should you stop to help car accident victims?
Most states do not have a law that says you must stop if you witness an accident, however if you will here are the steps to take…read more >

Can you prove that distracted driving caused the car accident?
A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute concluded that 80% of collisions and 65% of near collisions involve some type of distracted driving. The problem is that proving that distracted driving was the cause of an accident is difficult …read more >

Coping with the unexpected death of a loved one
Coping with the unexpected death of a close friend or family member is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face. This is especially true in cases involving wrongful death. …read more >

What makes a great attorney?
It’s more than possessing the necessary qualifications to practice law. A great attorney possesses some important characteristics and traits that give him or her the skills to provide effective and successful solutions for clients. …read more >

California personal injury settlements
Most personal injury cases result in out-of-court settlements instead of a trial. But, because California follows comparative fault laws for accidents, if you’re found to bear some liability, you could end up paying your percentage of liability out of your settlement …read more >

45 years in business
This year, PI attonrey, Gregory Yates, celebrates 45 years in the business of representing clients and their families in personal injury cases. Admitted to the California Bar in 1974, he is still just as committed to winning cases for his clients. …read more >

What happens if the other driver is uninsured in a car accident?
Car accidents can be very traumatic events regardless of the severity and whether anyone sustained injuries. But, it’s made even worse if the driver at fault is uninsured. Contacting an experienced PI ensures that your interests are well-protected. …read more >

Nearly 30% of people will be in a DUI related accident
About 30% of us will be involved in an accident with a drunk driver at some point if our lives. Quite a sobering statistic. Personal injury cases involving drunk driving accidents are very complicated, so require the services of an experienced PI attorney …read more >

Sue the manufacturer for personal injury
The cause of some injuries or health conditions is not always obvious. Prolonged or even life-threatening conditions may be the result of air or water pollution or contamination due to chemicals such as pesticides. What is your recourse if you feel that you’ve been injured due to negligence on the part of a product’s manufacturer? …read more >

North Hollywood, CA
North Hollywood, located in the eastern part of the San Fernando Valley, is home to the NoHo Arts District and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Despite its name, North Hollywood doesn’t share a boundary or the same history as its neighbor to the southeast, Hollywood. …read more >

Intersection accident attorney
If you’ve been in an intersection accident, proving liability is critical if you’ve been injured as a result. In California, the law dictates comparative liability in traffic accidents. Therefore, your compensation may be reduced if you’re found to have any liability for the accident. …read more >

North Hills, CA
North Hills, located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, is a suburb in Los Angeles. Orginally known as Mission Acres, North Hills was an agricultural community producing everything from fruits, nuts, and vegetables to chickens and rabbits.…read more >

Chatsworth, CA
Chatsworth is a neighborhood in the northwestern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Chatsworth is the home of the Iverson Movie Ranch, a 500-acre area which was the most filmed movie ranch in history, as more than 2000 productions used it as a filming location.…read more >

Los Angeles scooter accident injuries
Electric scooters can be seen zooming all over L.A. While they’re a more economical way to travel around the city, when the riders aren’t using the scooters in a safe manner or following traffic laws, accidents, some serious, can occur…  read more >

News about personal injury lawsuits against Gilead for HIV medicine
A judge of the Superior Court of California,County of Los Angeles, has issued a ruling in favor of HIV/AIDS patients, making it possible for them and their advocates to initiate personal injury lawsuits against Gilead Sciences,Inc over the company’s promotion of its TDF-based drugs…  read more >

Canoga Park,CA
Canoga Park is located in the San Fernando Valley and was once an active agricultural community, producing everything from wheat, sugar, and beets, to nuts, and citrus fruits. Today, it’s a community rich in diversity…  read more >

Lake Balboa, CA
Lake Balboa is a family friendly, vibrant urban community located in the San Fernando Valley. The neighborhood is home to Lake Balboa Park, the second largest park in Los Angeles, as well as several other major parks …  read more >

Looking to sue a hotel for a slip and fall claim?
California law requires hotel owners and/or managers to keep their property free of hazards and safe for their guests. If the hotel management fails to inspect its premises, repair any safety issues, or fails to warn guests about hazardous conditions, they can be held liable for any injuries that are the result …  read more >

Package delivery is one of the leading causes of personal injury
Drivers who make deliveries to your home or business are likely to encounter a variety of conditions that can make their job dangerous. Whether it’s inclement weather, roads clogged with traffic, or slippery sidewalks, delivery drivers are susceptible to accidents that result in injuries, sometimes serious or even catastrophic …  read more >

Tarzana, CA
Tarzana is a neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley of the greater L.A. area and is one of the oldest of the Valley’s communities. The area was originally the former ranch of author Edgar Rice Burroughs who named it after his most popular character, Tarzan…  read more >

Were you injured in your apartment building?
A simple slip and fall in an apartment building can result in injuries, sometimes serious, as well as costly medical bills. If a potentially hazardous situation exists in your building and you’ve informed the landlord about it, that’s considered to be “constructive notice”…  read more >

Reseda, CA
Reseda is located in the San Fernando Valley north of 101. Originally part of the San Fernando Mission, Reseda was named after the sweet smelling Reseda odorata or mignonette that was common to the area…  read more>

Simple things that you can do to prevent distracted driving
As the incidence of drunk driving accidents has declined, the incidence of accidents due to distracted driving have increased. While there are many causes of distracted driving, texting while driving is the most serious …  read more>

Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks is one of the unique neighborhoods that contribute something special to the L.A.area. Sherman Oaks has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike when it comes to fine dining and recreational activities …  read more>

Studio City
Studio City is the ideal location for anyone who wants to live in the Los Angeles area, but is looking for a place that still retains that small town feeling. Studio City’s famous Ventura Boulevard is a mixture of many of the popular chain stores along with small, trendy boutiques and a variety of great dining options …  read more>

Do you need to hire an interpreter for court?
If you’re a person with limited proficiency in English or are considered to be an ESL or English as a second language speaker, the California Interpreters Program (CIP) will provide you with a qualified interpreter if you should find yourself in court as a defendant or a plaintiff.The problem is that interpreters do not have the legal knowledge or expertise to litigate your case…  read more>

How much is a personal injury case worth?
If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another party, you may be considering filing a personal injury claim against the negligent party. In these types of lawsuits, you can receive monetary compensation through a negotiated settlement or as the result of a judge ordering the appropriate restitution in a court case. But, how can you know how much your case is worth…  read more >

The new lithium ion battery problem: electric scooters
In October of this year, Lime pulled 2,000 electric scooters off the streets of L.A., San Diego, and Lake Tahoe due to a threat of fire from defective lithium batteries. Certain of their scooters have actually caught on fire. These fires are extremely difficult to extinguish and can cause serious burns to the skin and damage to other parts of the body.
read more >

Spanish court services in Los Angeles: what you need to know
In Los Angeles, the Superior Court Language Access Services Division offers interpretation and general language services during court proceedings for all persons whose first language isn’t English. Spanish speakers are guaranteed Spanish court services via an on-site interpreter or telephonic interpreter assistance.
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Common causes for wrongful death
Wrongful death claims are brought against a person(s) who has caused someone’s death through negligence or an intentional action. They’re filed on behalf of the deceased’s family in order to compensate the surviving spouse, children or parents. read more >

Reasons that you may not have a personal injury case
After you’ve been injured in an accident or due to the intentional act of another party, you may be considering filing a lawsuit for damages. While you may have suffered injuries, even ones that are serious, you may find that you don’t have a valid personal injury claim. read more >

Battery defect injury attorneys
Lithium ion batteries are used to power a whole host of today’s electronic devices. These batteries are one of the most common types of rechargeable batteries in use today due to their significantly longer lifespan when compared to alkaline batteries. If defective, however, lithium ion batteries can catch on fire or explode, causing serious burns and other severe injuries. read more >

The top reasons why people lose personal injury cases
Filing a personal injury claim allows you to pursue compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. However, there are some common mistakes that people often make when embarking on the claims process that can be detrimental to the success of the case. read more >

Wrongful death from an office involved shooting
While no amount of money can make up for the life of a loved one who has been killed in an officer-involved shooting, family members may be able to file a civil lawsuit claiming wrongful death if it can be proven that the officer acted negligently or willfully disregarded the law. read more >

When deadly force goes too far
Police officers have sworn a duty to protect and serve the citizens in the communities in which they work. The majority of officers put their lives on the line every day to keep communities safe, but, unfortunately, there are time when officers use excessive force, violating the civil rights of an individual(s). When this occurs, it can have devastating consequences for victims and their families. read more >

Were you or a family member a victim of police violence?
When police officers use excessive force to carry out their duties, and it results in injuries or even death to the individual involved, the victim has a legal right to file a civil lawsuit against the police department and municipality in order to recover damages. read more >

Boating accident attorney
Each years thousands of people are injured and hundreds die in boating-related accidents. It’s a real concern in California because there are over 800,000 pleasure craft registered in the state without taking into account all of unregistered paddlecraft. The number of active boaters in the state is estimated to be over 4 million.
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The steps to take if you get into a car accident in Tarzana, CA
A dozen major freeways connect the various regions of Los Angeles and are used by hundreds of thousands of commuters each and every day. This includes the 101 and 405 that run through Tarzana. All of this traffic increases the risk of car accidents, so you need to know what steps to take if you are ever involved in one.
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Bilingual personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles
Hispanics make up about 49% of the population in L.A. Many are more comfortable communicating in Spanish, but this can present a real problem when one of these residents has been involved in an accident which has resulted in some type of injury and need the help of a personal injury attorney. read more >

The essential evidence needed to prove you car accident case
Being in a car accident, even a minor one, can be a confusing and scary experience, even more so if you’ve been injured in the process. If you feel you have a personal injury claim as a result, it’s important that you gather as much evidence as possible in a timely manner in order to establish negligence and liability on the part of the other driver. read more >

Attorney for police shooting victims in Los Angeles
It’s a sad fact, but more and more we’re hearing about officer-involved shootings across the country. When it comes to cases involving police misconduct, especially those in which the victim was injured or fatally wounded due to a shooting, having an attorney in your corner with both the knowledge and expertise in litigating these types of cases is very important to ensuring that you receive just and fair compensation. read more >

Were you injured in an ATV accident?
Many people enjoy driving or riding on ATVs, but ATVs can be very dangerous because they’re easy to crash and the risk for serious even catastrophic injuries is substantial, especially to children under the age of 16 who are often the victims. read more >

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?
Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis vs. charging an hourly fee. Lawyers that work on contingency charge a fee which can run between 33% and 40% of the monetary settlement if you win your case. The amount of the settlement that goes to your lawyer depends on whether you settle before or after filing a lawsuit.
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Famous personal injury cases
Personal injury cases are resolved through jury verdicts, awards, or negotiated settlements each and every day in the United States. But, some of these cases have garnered considerable media attention due to the nature of the case or the individuals who have been involved. read more >

How long do you have to sue for personal injury in California?
If you’ve been injured in an accident that is the result of negligence on the part of another party or parties and are considering filing a personal injury claim, you need to be aware that are strict deadlines when it comes to filing your claim. The state of California has a two year statute of limitations that begins on the day of the accident. read more >

Personal injury attorneys near Tarzana,CA
A personal injury case arises from a legal dispute between an individual that was injured in an accident and or due to negligence on the part of another. The Los Angeles based law firm of Greg Yates provides PI legal services to clients in Tarzana and throughout the San Fernando Valley. read more >

Personal injury attorneys, y se habla español
The physical, mental, emotional, and financial toll that being involved in an accident can take on an individual is stressful and overwhelming, but especially if you’re a non-English speaker needing legal advice and counsel.
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Have you been permanently injured in an accident?
In many cases, people who have been injured as the result of an accident are left with permanent injuries which have serious and lasting effects for them as well as their families. The financial burden associated with these types of injuries is enormous. Personal injury cases involving serious and catastrophic injuries typically involve much higher damages. read more >

Spanish speaking personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles
A language barrier should not prevent you from obtaining proper legal representation if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident. Therefore, it’s critical to the success of your case that you find a personal injury attorney with whom you can communicate if Spanish is your first language.  read more >

Personal injury attorney for the Permanently Disabled
A serious or catastrophic injury can be a life altering experience for you as well as your loved ones. The costs of medical treatment and post-treatment care as well as the physical, mental, and emotional suffering take a serious toll on the quality of your life as well as your financial resources.  read more >

Van Nuys Personal Injury Attorney
The majority of cases involving serious personal injury are resolved through negotiated settlements. However, depending upon the severity of the injuries and the amount of post-treatment care that the victim will need, a personal injury attorney may recommend filing a lawsuit for better compensation.  read more >

Questions to ask your personal attorney
Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can make the difference between getting a financial settlement that will take care of all of your present and future needs vs. being left with outstanding financial obligations after the process is over. If you need to retain the services of an attorney, there are a number of important questions that should ask before making your final decision.
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Hiring an attorney who knows about truck accident injuries
Accidents involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles present some unique challenges with respect to personal injury cases. Many factors come into play such as the difference in mass between trucks and cars, issues with cargo, and control issues. All of these and more can result in serious injury and even death to drivers and passengers riding in cars at the time of the accident. read more >

Can you dispute a car insurance accident investigation result?
If you’ve been injured in a car accident, your main focus should be on recovering from the trauma. You’re confident that your insurance company will handle all of the other issues. But, what options do you have if your insurer doesn’t agree with your version of the events? read more >

Calculating lawsuit amounts
Calculating how much money to sue for in a personal injury case involves several steps and is subject to a number of factors. Special damages are set economic costs such as medical bills and the amount of lost wages that are incurred as a result of the injury. General or non-economic damages include factors such as diminished quality of life and pain and suffering. read more >

Motorcycle accident and injury attorney
If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you probably have lots of reasons for choosing this way to travel the roads — lower fuel costs, the ease of maneuvering in and out of traffic, and the sense of freedom you get from riding the open road on just two wheels. However, the down side is that motorcyclists are at a greater risk of being seriously hurt if they’re involved in a collision. read more >

Brain injury patient attorney
Your brain is the control center of your entire body. If you suffer a traumatic head injury, it can be life altering. The long term prognosis can range from making a full recovery to being permanently disabled. Medical costs can add up and getting the appropriate treatment and care can make a great deal of difference in your quality of life as you move forward after your injury.
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Encino, CA Personal Injury Lawyer
Encino, CA is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley and is part of the greater Los Angeles area. Although Encino itself has a small town feeling with great amenities within walking distance, its residents still have to travel on L.A. freeways which are jammed with traffic each and every day.
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Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Los Angeles
“Catastrophic injury” does not have an exact legal definition, but it is understood to refer to an injury that is severely debilitating and that has the potential for resulting in long-term and even permanent disability or disfigurement. These types of injuries put an enormous strain on both the victim and his or her family, affecting quality of life for all involved. read more >

Attorney for injury from lithium-ion batteries
Many people who have been injured by exploding lithium-ion batteries or fires caused by lithium-ion batteries in their tech devices have suffered serious injuries that have necessitated extensive medical treatment. Substantial property damage as also occurred in many instances. Unlike laptops, the shape and construction of e-cigarettes can make them more likely to behave like “flaming rockets” when there is a battery malfunction.
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Our firms largest personal injury case settlements
Every year thousands of personal injury cases are brought in an effort to compensate the victim or “plaintiff”– to make he or she “whole” again. Some damages, such as hospital bills and property damage, are easy to put a dollar figure on, but others, such as pain and suffering, are difficult to quantify. Therefore, court settlements that adequately compensate the plaintiff are not always a sure thing.
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Who is liable when a product defect causes personal injury?
When someone suffers from an injury that resulted from a defective product, the responsibility for the injury lies with the person or company that produced and/or sold said product. Before your attorney can work on getting you compensation for your injuries, he or she must determine the area of product liability under which your case falls.
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Can you sue for personal injury from a criminal assault?
Two types of cases can arise from a criminal assault — a criminal case brought against the perpetrator by the district attorney and tried in criminal court and a personal injury civil lawsuit brought against the perpetrator by the victim in order to receive compensation for injuries resulting from the assault.  read more >

Murder vs. Wrongful Death
When someone dies due to unnatural causes, surviving family members have the option of taking legal action against the responsible party or entity. The first step in this process is determining whether the death is considered murder which is a criminal offense vs. wrongful death which is a considered to be a civil offense.  read more >

How long do personal injury cases take?
How long a personal injury case takes depends on whether you settle or sue. The legal process for a personal injury lawsuit can last for one or more years. Whether you settle in or out of court, you should retain the services of an attorney who is very experienced in personal injury law and has an excellent success rate with respect to winning past cases. read more >

Proving negligence in a car accident
The majority of lawsuits involving car accidents are based upon the assumption that the defendant did not intend to cause the accident, but acted in a negligent manner which resulted in injury to the victim(s). There are four legal elements — duty, breach of duty, causation, and damages — which need to be satisfied in order to prove negligence on the part of the defendant. read more >

Who should you sue for personal injury?
Determining liability or who is at fault in a personal injury case is essential to being able to successfully litigate a case. However, in many cases, it’s not so clear cut when it comes to determining liability, especially when multiple parties are involved. As a result, these cases can prove to be complex and require the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. read more >

Who do you hire to sue an attorney?
When you retain the services of an attorney, he or she has a responsibility to properly represent you – to handle the case in an appropriate manner and to take all of the necessary steps to resolve it. Unfortunately, there are instances in which you may be harmed by the type of representation that you’ve received, so you may want to consider making a legal malpractice claim. read more >

Were you harmed by a product defect?
Dangerous and/or defective products are responsible for tens of thousands of injuries each year. If you’ve been injured as a result of exposure to a defective product, you have a legal right to receive monetary compensation for lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering. These types of cases should be handled by personal injury attorneys that have experience in product liability law. read more >

Los Angeles civil rights cases
If you’ve been a victim of a breach of your civil liberties, you do have recourse. You are entitled to damages for the shock of personal distress, lost earning, and any other harm that you’re suffered as a result of the violation. read more >

Dangerous e-cigarettes explosions causing serious injuries
The FDA has recently finalized a ruling that extends their regulatory authority to all e-cigarette products. While these new regulations will assist the FDA in its goal to improve public health by regulating the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and requiring health warnings on products, it doesn’t include e-cigarette accessories which have been blamed for the recent rise in e-cigarette explosions over the past couple of years. read more >

About Gregory Yates
With more than 40 years of experience in the field of personal injury law, Gregory Yates has developed a reputation for hard-hitting, tenacious litigation. As lead counsel in some very notable cases, including the Rampart Police Corruption scandal involving the L.A.Police Department, Mr. Yates has been very successful in achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients, whether they’re a result of a jury verdict, settlement, or award. read more >

Court cases
How do you go about finding the right attorney to handle a your personal injury case? The first step that you should take is to research attorneys in your area. Check for their win/loss percentages, trial history, and average settlement amounts, for a start. Visit their websites to read reviews from satisfied clients. read more >

Can you sue for car defects?
If you’ve suffered an injury as the result of a design flaw in your automobile, you may be wondering who is actually liable for the damages. Is it the manufacturer? Is it the dealership that sold you the car? That’s why retaining the services of an attorney who specializes in vehicle defect cases is critical to the success of your case. read more >

California attorney Gregory A. Yates
The outcome of a personal injury case has the potential to determine how you or your loved ones will be able to live in years to come. Therefore, before enlisting an attorney to take your case, you need to check on his or her background — average win vs. loss ratio, client reviews, monetary value of case settlements. read more >

Finding the right attorney in Encino, CA.
In the state of California, an individual that has been injured due to negligence or wrongful conduct has a right to take legal action against the defendant(s) to recover damages for physical and medical injuries. If you find yourself in this type of situation and are considering legal representation, you need to find a attorney who has years of experience and expertise in these types of cases and who will fight tirelessly on your behalf. read more >

Client reviews for attorney Gregory Yates
When you’re deciding upon a personal injury attorney to represent you, you naturally want to get “a feel” for how other clients have felt about his or her legal services. With the advent of online client reviews, you can do just that. It’s a good practice to also visit the attorney’s website to see a listing of court results and settlements to get an idea of his or her’s success rate. read more >

Power attorneys of Los Angeles
Personal injury attorneys are often called upon to litigate cases involving large companies or public entities such as as cities, counties, and states. If you are in need of an attorney to handle your personal injury case, you need to do your homework and retain the services of a “power attorney”, one who is capable of bringing big cases against big opponents and winning. read more >

The largest personal injury case settlements
If you’ve been the victim of a serious car accident or have been injured due to negligence on the part of another, the road to recovery can be a difficult one. After the initial physical injuries are treated and the emotional effects have begun to subside, their place is taken by the anxiety and worry over receiving adequate compensation to cover bills as well as additional pain and suffering. read more >

Yates case settlements
Nearly every day in the U.S., someone is injured in some type of accident, by a defective product, or is the victim of wrongdoing on the part of another individual or organization. As a result, thousands of cases are heard in court each year in an effort to provide monetary compensation to the victims. Unfortunately, without the services of an attorney whose expertise and knowledge are in the field of personal injury, receiving a fair and equitable settlement is not a sure thing. read more >

Finding the best lawyers in Los Angeles
At some point in your life, you may find yourself in need of expert legal advice or even legal representation. This is a vulnerable time in your life, and the outcome of your case could have lasting affects. Choosing the right attorney can make the difference between winning or losing your case in court or between getting a settlement that fairly compensates your for your injuries vs one that leaves you with outstanding bills to pay. read more >

Protecting consumer interest in the court room
If you have sustained injuries due to a defective product, you’re legally entitled to receive monetary compensation for any medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that you have incurred as a result. By taking your case to court, you are also focusing attention on the dangers of defective products which serves to benefit the public as a whole. read more >

Should you sue for a personal injury?
A personal injury lawsuit is legal action taken by someone who has been injured due to negligence or wrongful conduct on the part of another person(s), company, or any other party that bears responsibility. While a negotiated settlement can help you to avoid the time and money that are involved in a trial, that may not be the best way to go if you’re injuries are severe. An experienced personal injury attorney will review all aspects of your case before advising your on the best course of action. read more >

Is it worth it to hire an attorney?
The benefits of retaining the services of a personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident are many. Hiring a personal injury attorney can result in a more just and fair settlement whether your case goes to trial or is resolved through a negotiated settlement. Because personal injury laws vary from state to state, you need to hire an attorney that is very familiar with laws in your state as well as in the county where you live. read more >

Encino, CA personal injury attorney
Every year in the U.S., thousands of people suffer serious, if not catastrophic injuries, caused by the negligence or intentional actions of others. If you’re a victim of such actions, you may be entitled to compensation for the costs of medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. But, it’s vital to the success of your case that you retain the services of an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney. In Encino, that attorney is Greg Yates. read more >

Your legal rights in a personal injury case
Personal injury law, also known as “tort” law, is intended to protect you if you and/or your property have been injured or harmed as a result of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing. Damages from such a lawsuit can involve physical as well as medical injuries. Cases involving serious or catastrophic injuries are the most complicated and necessitate the services of a personal injury attorney with years of experience litigating such cases. read more >

Focus practice areas
Attorney Gregory Yates has been providing legal services to the people of Southern California for more than 30 years. If you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, he should be your first choice. The law firm of Gregory Yates has won hundreds of settlements for clients who have suffered due to the negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another party or parties. read more >

Who should you sue if you were hurt in a car accident?
If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you know how frightening the experience can be. This is especially true if you’ve been injured, perhaps seriously, as a result. In the aftermath, you’ll be faced with many issues such as payment for medical expenses, reimbursement for lost wages, and pain and suffering. It’s important to consider retaining the services of an experienced litigator in the field of personal injury law. read more >

Lawsuit settlements in California
If you’ve been injured in an accident due to negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another party or parties, you’ll want to seriously consider legal representation in order to receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Two things to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney are his or her record of wins vs. losses and settlement amounts. read more >

Attorneys in Encino, CA
When choosing a personal injury attorney, it’s crucial to the success of your case that you find an attorney who has the knowledge and experience required to litigate personal injury cases. In Encino, Gregory Yates has had great success in resolving personal injury lawsuits. His offices offer services in both English as well as Spanish. read more >

Working with the right attorney
If you have made the decision to retain the services of an attorney, it is important to choose a lawyer that can handle your specific case because this can make all the difference in reaching a successful outcome rather than a case that ends with disastrous results. You need to feel confident that you can trust your attorney to be an advocate on your behalf, acting in a manner that is not only ethical, but is also practical where your budget is concerned. read more >

Car accident injuries happen far too often
Spending time on the road is a fact of life for most residents of Southern California. Unfortunately, the more time you spend in the car, the more likely you’ll be involved in a car accident at some point . . . read more >

If you’re seriously hurt, you may have legal rights
The term “personal injury” describes the physical as well as mental injuries that a person suffers due to negligence, liability, or intentional harm on the part of a person(s) towards another… read more >