California attorney, Gregory A. Yates

California attorney, Gregory A. Yates

If you’ve been injured by a product defect, car accident or other accidental circumstances, you’ll need to enlist the services of a personal injury attorney. The result of your case could potentially determine how you’re able to live in the future, and therefore, holds great significance. Make sure that before you trust anyone with your case, you check on their background and average win vs. loss ratio.

California attorney, Gregory Yates was admitted to the state bar in 1974, and has been successfully trying cases for over three decades. With one of the highest winning percentages among his colleagues, his practice areas include attorney malpractice, serious motor vehicle accidents, product liability and automobile defects.

Mr. Yates and his associates share a common goal to help those who’ve had bad things happen to them. They work hard to make sure all of their clients are compensated for the losses, both physical and monetary, that they’ve suffered.

30 years + practicing law in the state of California

Simply becoming a member of the California bar association does not mean that an attorney has the knowledge and capability to represent you in a personal injury case. One of the best ways to determine an attorney’s skill level is to look for reviews online and ask around for word of mouth referrals from previous clients. There are also legal review services that you can access on the computer.

Gregory Yates has been practicing law for many years, and has gained a reputation for being extremely diligent in representing his clients. He’s known as the attorney who’s in it to win it.

Continue the tradition

When doing a California attorney search for top personal injury attorneys, be sure to check into the law office of Gregory A. Yates. Specializing in many critical practice areas, he and his associates can help you to secure your future after suffering a personal loss.