Lake Balboa, CA

Lake Balboa, CA

A district in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, Lake Balboa is a vibrant urban community. Having absorbed a large portion of the Van Nuys district, Lake Balboa’s boundaries include I-405 and US-101 which provides accessible transportation to other parts of the city.

Considered a family friendly community, Lake Balboa is a contrast to the neighboring industrial areas such as the Van Nuys Airport to the east. Just north of Lake Balboa is Northridge, home of California State University. The Sepulveda Basin borders Lake Balboa’s southern boundary while Reseda lays claim to the western. Close to Encino as well, Lake Balboa gives Los Angeles a unique flavor of diversity, community, and culture.

Facts about Lake Balboa:

Zip code: 91406
Area codes: 747, 818
Population: 27,671
County: Los Angeles
State: California

More than just a park

The area’s namesake is, indeed, a lake. Lake Balboa Park, or Anthony C. Beilenson Park, offers over 80 acres of outdoor recreation. Surrounding the lake are barbecue pits, a bicycle path, and a children’s play area. For water enthusiasts, fishing, boating, or kayaking are permitted, and visitors can enjoy amenities such as a launch ramp, pedal boats, and picnic pavilions.

If you visit the park, you will quickly see that Lake Balboa Park is vastly different from the typical city park. A source for daily recreation for families, you will want to bring your friends or family to enjoy the park’s activities. Whether it is swimming or simply walking the relaxing trails through wooded areas that surround the lake, you will immediately be drawn to the lake’s natural beauty. For pet owners, this park is completely pet friendly, encouraging locals to bring along their four-footed friends to enjoy California’s sunny weather lakeside!

Lake Balboa Park offers families as well as professionals a peaceful source of recreation in a relaxed residential community safe from Los Angeles’ bustle of activity. For this reason, Lake Balboa Park is a key influencer of the area’s demographics which mainly consist of families from all ethnic backgrounds. One of the most diverse areas in the city, Lake Balboa provides its residents security and opportunity that cannot be matched by other neighborhoods.

Your professional community

Though Lake Balboa is a unique neighborhood within Los Angeles, it is still a connected part of San Fernando Valley’s whole community. If you are a resident of Lake Balboa, you’ve probably experienced this. Though your immediate neighborhood provides the safety of a close-knit community, your circle for commerce and business will be much larger and will include other Los Angeles neighborhoods that can offer you what Lake Balboa cannot.

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