Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks

Los Angeles is rightly known as the entertainment capital of the world. Home to the Warner Bros. Studios, CBS, and Hollywood, the “City of Angels” brings to mind iconic cinema images such as glamorous movie stars and exclusive red-carpet events. However, as dazzling as its reputation may be, Los Angeles is more than a tourist hot spot for movie buffs. Like other metropolises, it is made up of numerous neighborhoods or districts. These unique neighborhoods contribute something special to Los Angeles.

Located in the San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks is one such neighborhood, located on the southern side of LA. Abounding with fine dining as well as a myriad of recreational activities, Sherman Oaks welcomes both tourists and Los Angeles residents alike to bask in good food and fellowship.

As for pop culture connoisseurs, Sherman Oaks is also home to Ventura Boulevard, commonly name-dropped in music and movies. Not far away are two other noteworthy neighborhoods, Van Nuys and Studio City. Providing excellent libraries, parks, and other amenities to residents, these neighborhoods offer the best of both worlds — cinema and urban living.

Facts about Sherman Oaks:

Zip codes: 91340, 91341, 91344, 91345, 91346
Area codes: 818, 747
Population: 1,435,854
County: Los Angeles
State: California

The San Fernando Valley

Despite the glamorous stereotype, the majority of Los Angeles is not affluent, and San Fernando Valley is a prime example. Within the valley, household incomes average about $41,134 which is about average for Los Angeles residents, but low for the country. This is surprising considering that the San Fernando Valley is a bustling axis of commerce via major highways that intersect the city.

The San Fernando Valley is known for its rich cultural diversity with the largest ethnic population being Latino. Contributing to Los Angeles’ diversity, this Latino population is a crucial element of the San Fernando Valley’s community, especially when it comes to providing important services such as legal advice. No matter how careful residents may be, accidents do happen and,in those situations, where can you find a local attorney for personal injury? More specifically, where can you go if you don’t speak English?

Local legal help

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