The largest personal injury case settlements

The largest personal injury case settlements

Anyone who has been involved in a serious car accident or been injured due to negligence — whether by a landlord, product defect or other happenstance, knows that the road to recovery can be long and difficult. First comes the physical and emotional toll of the injury, followed by the worry over how you will pay medicals bills and be compensated for any additional pain and suffering. As a top personal injury attorney for over thirty years, Gregory A. Yates understands the resulting fear, pain and confusion that these concerns cause.

When Mr. Yates takes on your case, he dedicates himself to making sure you receive an acceptable amount of money to put your mind at ease over the future. He has a history of securing large personal injury settlements for his clients. An example is the police corruption scandal that rocked the Rampart P.D. In this case, Yates recovered large personal injury settlements, totaling nearly $20,000,000, for his clients who were victims of civil rights violations. Whether the focus is to make a deal for out of court settlements or go to trial, Gregory Yates represents your interests to the highest of his ability.

Explanation of fees

If you’re in need of representation from a personal injury attorney, you may be concerned that you will not be able to afford their help. However, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that they get their compensation as a percentage of the total settlement amount at the end of the case. The only cost to you are any court fees and attorney fees that are incurred during the process of the trial or out of court negotiation.

Visit the website of Gregory A. Yates and Associates to see a sampling of some of the large personal injury lawsuits they have won. It may appear that they are making a big chunk of money based on the total amounts, but remember, it often takes 1,000’s of hours of their time, years of their lives, and a large personal investment before they receive any payment at all. The percentage that they receive of the total settlement has been determined to be fair compensation for all of this effort.

About attorney Gregory Yates

Located in Encino, CA, attorney Gregory A. Yates has been successfully representing personal injury cases for over three decades. If you live in the Los Angeles area and have experienced an unfortunate tragedy, contact Yates and Associates to find out how to get the best attorney for personal injury cases on your side, and take charge of your recovery and your future.