Yates case settlements

Yates case settlements

In a perfect world, no one would ever experience pain and suffering as a result of someone else’s actions. Unfortunately, the real world offers no such guarantees. In fact, nearly every day in this country someone is injured in an automobile accident, harmed by a defective product, or victimized by a corrupt organization or individual. The result is that there are thousands of court cases brought every year in an effort to right those wrongs by awarding monetary compensation to the victims. But, court settlements that favor the injured party are never a sure thing. In order to obtain the maximum settlement amount, victims must retain an attorney who is both knowledgeable about court procedures and skilled at navigating the legal system in general. In the Los Angeles area, Gregory Yates is the attorney of choice.

A thorough examination of satisfied clients and stellar reviews confirms Mr. Yates’ reputation as one of the top personal injury attorneys in L.A. Undaunted by even the most powerful organizations, attorney Yates has a record of successful court settlements that result in fair compensation for his clients. His more than 30 years in the profession have taught him that winning cases takes more than a basic understanding of the law.

The keys to victory

In addition to possessing an exceedingly thorough knowledge of the laws governing negligence, liability and malpractice, Mr. Yates considers attention to detail crucial to representing strong cases. He personally oversees every aspect of the cases he represents, from discovery to trial or settlement. Furthermore, attorney Yates has strong negotiating skills, coupled with a keen sense of timing, that allow him to recognize when the best settlements have been reached. Utilizing all of these abilities, he handles every case with the personal attention and professionalism the public has come to expect from him.

Do you have a good case?

If you have suffered damages as the result of another’s actions, whether intentional or not, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses and emotional anguish. You would be well served to retain an attorney who specializes in effecting legal settlements and winning compensation for clients. Find out if you have a case by contacting our Los Angeles office today.