North Hollywood, CA

North Hollywood, CA

Located in the eastern part of the San Fernando Valley, North Hollywood is home to the NoHo Arts District and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. The neighborhood is bordered on the north by Sun Valley, on the east/northeast by Burbank, on the south/southeast by Toluca Lake, and on the southwest by Studio City.

North Hollywood, like other neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley, has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers that are clear and dry and winters that are long, cool, and wet.

North Hollywood was established by the Lankenshim Ranch Land and Water Company in 1887. It was first named Toluca in 1887, renamed Lankershim in 1896, and then North Hollywood in 1927.

North Hollywood facts:

  • Zip codes: 91901, 91605, 91606
  • Area codes: 818, 747, 323
  • Population: 87,241
  • County: Los Angeles
  • State: California

Not to be confused with Hollywood

Once part of the extensive landholdings of the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana, the area that is now North Hollywood was purchased by a group of agricultural investors lead by Issac Lankershim in 1869 and was to become a wheat-growing empire.

When the price of wheat began to collapse, Lankershim’s son and a group of developers purchased 12,000 acres from the farming company and established the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company. The town they established, Toluca Lake and then Lankershim, grew from a small settlement of fruit orchards in the late 1800’s to a sprawling suburban bedroom community in 1920’s.

Hoping to capitalize on some of the glamour from the nearby famous motion picture town of Hollywood, business owners in Lankershim proposed the new name of North Hollywood in 1927. But, despite the similarity in names, North Hollywood doesn’t share a boundary or the same history with Hollywood, located several miles to the southeast

Today, in North Hollywood’s NoHo Arts District, it’s live theater, not motion pictures, that takes center stage. More than 20 professional theaters comprise L.A.’s version of “off-Broadway”. If you walk through the district, you’ll be treated to outdoor cafes, vintage boutiques, great restaurants, and will get the chance to rub elbows with local artists and actors. Universal Studios is easy to get to through one of NoHo’s main streets, Lankershim Boulevard.

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