Were you injured in your apartment building?

Were you injured in your apartment building?

Have you been injured in an apartment building? Even a simple slip or fall injury can result in exorbitant medical bills or unforeseen medical complications. In the event that you’ve slipped and fallen in your apart building, take the following steps:

Seek medical treatment:  No matter how minor you believe your injuries are, always seek medical advice. By having a medical professional diagnosis documented, you will have the proper evidence prepared in case you need to pursue a legal case.

Let the responsible party know: Letting your landlord or building owner know about your injuries keeps them accountable for the condition and cause of the injury.

Investigate and document: Collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of any potential witnesses of your injury. In injury lawsuits, witnesses are critical for verifying the events and possible cause of your injury. Also, in the case of apartment building injuries, taking photographs or writing your own recollection down on paper can be helpful if you pursue a lawsuit. These documents can assist your attorney with deciding how to proceed.

Practitioner: Once you have done all the above and have decided to move forward with a lawsuit, you will need professional advice from a personal injury attorney.

Is the building owner at fault?

When the building owner is notified about a potentially hazardous condition within the apartment either by yourself or another, that is considered “constructive notice”. If the landlord does not address the condition or does not remedy it within a reasonable time-frame, he or she may be held liable for any injuries caused by those conditions. For example, torn carpeting can become a hazard, especially when coupled with additional factors such as poor lighting.

If you have notified maintenance about the hazard, but it was never repaired, you’ll have grounds to pursue a lawsuit for any injuries incurred from slipping or falling in your apartment.  Don’t compromise your safety by accepting the consequences of apartment building injuries. Find an attorney today to advocate your personal injury lawsuit in court.

Taking legal action

If you had been hurt in your apartment, consult a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Successfully recovering millions for his clients, Gregory Yates will assist you in determining if your building owner was at fault for your injuries. Knowledgeable in the legal rights of apartment tenants, Greg Yates will work tirelessly to document and move forward with your case so that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.