Personal injury attorneys y se habla espanol

Personal injury attorneys y se habla espanol

The United States continues to be a country of diverse people from different countries and different cultures, and Los Angeles is ranked as one of the most diverse big cities in the country. L.A. boasts some of the largest communities outside of their home countries such as Korea, Mexico, El Salvador, and Thailand. Nearly half the population of the city is made up of Spanish-speaking Latinos.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident or been injured due to other circumstances such as a slip and fall, dog bite, or a defective product, you may need the assistance of an attorney specializing in personal injury cases who offers services in both English and Spanish. Dealing with the physical, mental, and emotional toll of the accident can be very stressful and overwhelming, but even more so if you’re a non-English speaker.

At the office of attorney Gregory Yates, se habla espanol. Offering legal services in both English and Spanish, Mr. Yates and his friendly staff will ensure that a language barrier will not prevent you from getting the legal representation to which you are entitled in order to secure fair and just compensation.

Language of the law

No matter what language you speak, if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, your legal rights are guaranteed under the personal injury laws of the state of California. Therefore, it’s critical to the success of your case that you enlist the services of a personal injury attorney that is not only experienced in achieving the best possible compensation through negotiated settlements, awards, and jury verdicts, but can bridge the language gap between you and the legal system.

Greg Yates is one of the top-rated personal injury attorneys in the greater L.A. area. With 40 years of experience when it comes to litigating serious personal injury cases, Mr. Yates has one of the highest success rates in California.

We’re multi-lingual

If you’re in need of a Spanish-speaking personal injury lawyer, contact the Southern California law offices of Greg Yates. Our firm serves all of Los Angeles County as well as San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange,and Ventura Counties. All clients are offered a free consultation at which time Mr. Yates will go over the details of your case, evaluate the situation, and provide you with advice on how to proceed.

A language barrier should not prevent you from getting the best legal assistance possible. Si necesita ayuda legal, llame nuestra oficina. Se habla espanol.