Court cases

Court cases

If you’ve been involved in an accident, harmed by a defective product, or suffered some other form of injury and anticipate taking the responsible party to trial, you’ll need to be represented by a personal injury attorney. The big question is how do you go about finding the right one?

The first step is to research attorneys in your area to see which ones are the most highly regarded. You’ll make sure they are industrious in their attention to detail because, when it comes to winning cases, the best attorneys spend countless hours on preparation, leaving nothing to chance.

Gregory A. Yates, a renowned personal injury attorney and member of the California State Bar for over three decades, has dedicated his career to helping his clients win fair compensation for their injuries. He understands that the whole litigation process can be confusing and difficult and is committed to making it easier by providing excellent personal client attention. In addition, he approaches every single lawsuit with the intention of not only winning, but procuring the best settlement he can.

Gregory Yates winning for his clients

The result of this determined attitude is that Mr. Yates has one of the best records in his field when it comes to winning court cases and negotiating large settlement amounts. He was lead counsel in the Rampart Police Department scandal case and was successful in recovering more than $20 million for his clients who suffered civil rights violations. But, it doesn’t stop there. If there’s a documented problem with the system or product in the case, he goes the extra mile to make sure these things are corrected so that more people won’t be harmed in the future.

Gregory Yates has won numerous awards over the years for his hard work work and ability to achieve justice for clients who’ve been hurt by accidents and negligence. The best way to gauge the competence and ability of an attorney is to look at their referrals. Time and again, previous clients have sent new ones his way after being very satisfied with the service they received.

Closing arguments

One of the best personal injury attorneys in the greater Los Angeles area, Gregory A. Yates. licensed attorney, has a reputation for getting his clients what they deserve. A cursory check of his court history, win/loss percentages, and average settlement amounts will tell you all you need to know about his abilities.

With many years of experience and an unique approach, Mr. Yates is the attorney to beat when it comes to personal injury cases.