Power attorneys of Los Angeles

Power attorneys of Los Angeles

When deciding on an attorney to handle your personal injury case, you need to take the time to find a “power attorney”, someone who commands respect and confidence not only in you, but in the opposing party. In order to find the best power attorney in Los Angeles, CA, it’s imperative that you thoroughly research the candidate’s history and past performance in areas such as education and work background, win/loss percentages, and client reviews.

Attorney Gregory Yates gets high marks in all of the above areas of concern and more. With over three decades in practice, he’s established himself as one of the top attorneys in his field. Mr. Yates has tried and won cases against formidable defendants like the city of Los Angeles, Ventura County, and other public entities, to name a few. He brings years of experience and a top legal mind to the table, and, therefore, has been able to secure some of the largest personal injury settlements for his clients.

Practice areas that matter to us

Another important factor when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you is the type of law in which he or she specializes. Because law is a very large and complicated subject, good attorneys will focus on a particular field or fields, known as practice areas, in order to be most effective. You’re best off hiring an attorney who has a history of positive outcomes in cases similar to your own.

Gregory Yates and associates have proven results in the areas of catastrophic injuries, consumer law, motor vehicle defects, wrongful death, serious motor vehicle accidents, civil rights violations, dog bites, and attorney malpractice. If your case falls into any of these specialities, then Yates and associates can help.

Gregory Yates, Esq.

Personal injury lawyers often have to face off against big companies or public entities such as the cities, counties or the state of California. Gregory Yates of Encino is considered a power attorney because he is not only capable of bringing cases against big opponents, but wins them.

He is rated one of the best attorneys in Los Angeles; he works very hard for his clients and always plays to win. Check out what others are saying in client reviews like this one: “I was very pleased with both Mr. Yates’ services and the outcome of my case. I would recommend anyone in need of a good attorney to the Law Offices of Gregory A. Yates.”