Our firm’s largest personal injury case settlements

Our firm’s largest personal injury case settlements

The personal injury system allows an injured person to receive financial compensation after he or she has been harmed due to negligence or the intentional conduct of another party. Damages can include bodily injury as well as injuries that result in mental and emotional pain and suffering.

Every year thousands of personal injury cases are brought in an effort to compensate the victim or “plaintiff”– to make he or she “whole” again. Some damages, such as hospital bills and property damage, are easy to put a dollar figure on, but others, such as pain and suffering, are difficult to quantify. Therefore, court settlements that adequately compensate the plaintiff are not always a sure thing.

Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Greg Yates, has over 30 years of experience representing clients in personal injury cases and has been at the center of many high-profile cases, such as the LAPD Rampart Scandal, in which he was successful in recovering more than $20 million dollars for his clients who were victims of civil rights violations. Mr. Yates and his associates have been successful at recovering over half a billion dollars on behalf of clients through awards, jury verdicts, and some of the largest personal injury settlements in Los Angeles.

Not all cases are the same

A majority of PI lawsuits are settled before they can go to trial through negotiated settlements. However, there are cases in which the victim has sustained serious injuries, injuries that have resulted in a permanent disability, or even death. These types of personal injury cases — catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, serious motor vehicle accidents — necessitate going to trial in order for the victim or plaintiff to receive adequate compensation for his or her pain and suffering, to pay for hospital bills, and future medical care.

If you or a loved one find yourself in this type of situation, you are going to want to engage the services of the best attorney for personal injury cases. Greg Yates is dedicated to helping his clients win just and fair compensation for their injuries. He has one of the best records in the field of personal injury law when it comes to winning his court cases and has negotiated some of the largest personal injury settlements.

A review of Mr. Yates’ case histories and settlements should serve to underscore his competence when it comes to successfully litigating personal injury cases for his clients and the reputation that he has built over the years for getting his clients what they deserve.

All clients get the same attention

If you’ve been injured due to negligence or wrongful conduct in Southern California and you need to hire a personal injury attorney, Greg Yates should be at the top of your list. Mr. Yates has a history of securing some of the largest personal injury settlements for his clients.

He works tirelessly for all clients regardless of the size of the case, offering personalized, compassionate advice and counsel to individuals and their families and approaching every case with the intention of winning and securing the best settlement possible.