Can you dispute a car insurance accident investigation result?

Can you dispute a car insurance accident investigation result?

After you’ve been injured in a car accident, your whole focus is on recovery. You’ve been through a trauma, and now you assume that your car insurance will handle the rest. But, what happens if the insurance company does not agree with your accounting of events? Perhaps they are disputing who is liable or whether you were at fault, at least in part, for the collision. This can be confusing and frightening, but it’s important to know your rights.

Insurance adjusters are tasked with assigning liability in the event of a vehicular accident as well as calculating the amount they’re willing to pay out to reimburse the client. They do this by looking at the information they’ve been given by all involved parties and making a judgement call regarding who is liable for the damages. However, you have the right to disagree with their assessment.

If you have a dispute with your car insurance company, you have options. Claims can be disputed and, if that isn’t successful, you can sue the insurance company to recover any losses over and above the amount they have agreed to pay.

Hiring a lawyer

The idea of going up against a big company can be intimidating, but, you don’t have to go it alone. Hiring and excellent personal injury lawyer like Gregory A. Yates will ensure you get everything to which you’re entitled. Proving negligence in a car accident is something Mr. Yates has decades of experience accomplishing. He will carefully document all the material facts of your case, such as whether road conditions contributed to the crash, the actions of the other driver involved, etc.

Mr. Yates will also interview any witnesses who may be able to clarify the events of your case and review dashcam from the responding officers. Armed with the facts, he can then represent your best interests before the adjuster assigns liability or in court.

Getting the results you deserve

When you’ve been injured in an accident, the last thing you want to deal with is filing a dispute with your car insurance company over liability. The stress of dealing with your recovery while trying to handle medical bills and fixing or replacing your automobile can be overwhelming. But, don’t let the insurance company hurry you into agreeing upon a settlement.

Call an attorney at Gregory A. Yates and Associates, and get someone on your side who will make sure you’re fully compensated for your losses.