Can dashcam video help your case?

Can dashcam video help your case?

From commuters and ridesharing drivers to soccer moms, today’s drivers are increasingly relying on dash cams to help them keep an eye on the road. Dash cams used to be the purview of law enforcement, but as drivers become more concerned about safety on the roadways, more and more of them are installing dash cams in their vehicles.

But what about the benefits of having dashcam videos in cases involving car accidents? In addition to providing evidence of insurance fraud, dash cam video can be used as first-hand evidence in proving who was at fault in an accident.

If you’ve ever been involved in an accident, you know just how traumatic it can be for the drivers, passengers, and any witnesses to the incident. Accounts of what transpired can differ vastly from one person to another, even in the case of eyewitnesses who are supposedly objective when reporting details to the police.

Dash cam videos provide complete recordings from your perspective of the accident. This can be very helpful in court when witness statements are in conflict with one another. Using this and other crucial evidence, California attorney, Gregory Yates, can put together a case that will get you the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured in an accident.

The best scenario

In general, dash cams are legal in private vehicles in the state of California. However, state law does regulate the placement of a recording device, providing drivers with 3 options for placement on the windshield of the vehicle. Additionally, devices should be placed outside the range of airbag deployment.

Dash cam prices can range from $30 to $800 for the best devices on the market. While all dash cams record video, not all can record audio. Other features offered on dash cams may include night vision, GPS, dual camera recording, WI-FI connectivity, and more.

If you’re working within a budget, you want to try to purchase a dash cam that includes 1080p video recording, sound recording, and night vision. Other advantageous features include:

  • G-force sensors
  • Loop recording
  • Lane departure warnings

While law enforcement and insurance companies reconstruct an accident using such elements as skid marks, lighting, weather conditions, damage to vehicles, and witness statements, a dash cam video in a car accident case can provide a very clear picture of what occurred in the events leading up to and after your accident. Crucial info needed for your case may be captured on dash cam video such as driver speed, seat belt usage, road conditions, and when brakes were applied, as well as documenting and verifying witness statements.

It’s almost like insurance

Having a dash cam in California legal in private vehicles, and dash cam evidence is admissible in California courts and can be used in proving your car accident case. But, in order to win your case, you need to place that evidence in the hands of an experienced attorney for car accident victims.

Attorney Gregory Yates has been in practice for over 30 years and will work with you to collect evidence toward proving liability for your accident. Contact Greg Yates to set up a free consultation.