Los Angeles civil rights cases

Los Angeles civil rights cases

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles attorney to represent you in a case involving your civil rights, look no further than recent history for an example of what good civil rights attorneys can accomplish. In the late 1990’s, members of a rogue anti-gang unit of the LAPD were accused of massive corruption, including police brutality, framing suspects, illegal drug dealing, planting false evidence and more. The ensuing court case was referred to as the LAPD Rampart Scandal.

Gregory A. Yates was lead council in the case, representing the many individuals whose civil rights were violated as a result of the corruption. In an unprecedented win, he was able to recover nearly $20,000,000 in damages for his clients.

Standing up for your rights

Sometimes it seems as though people in a position of authority can get away with anything and you have no power, but that simply isn’t true. If your civil liberties have been violated as in the previously mentioned case involving the LAPD, you do have a recourse. Perhaps you were a victim of false arrest. If so, you may be surprised to know that you’re entitled to damages for the shock of your personal distress, time lost for earnings, and any other harm you may have suffered as a result of this error.

Mr. Yates does not only represent people who’ve had a bad experience with the police department, however. He can also help you to recover damages should your civil liberties have been violated by private businesses as well.

Gregory A. Yates

If you’ve been a victim of a breach of your civil liberties, please contact the law offices of Gregory A. Yates of Encino to schedule a meeting to discuss your options. We’re here to help you right the wrong that has been perpetrated against you. Please visit us during regular office hours and find out how you can take back control of your rights.