Spanish court services in Los Angeles: what you need to know

Spanish court services in Los Angeles: what you need to know

The Los Angeles Superior Court Language Access Services Division extends interpretation and general language services during court proceedings for all individuals whose first language is not English in order to promote self-advocacy and engagement in the judicial court process. As a result, all individuals, no matter language or cultural background, will receive equal access to justice and will be given court procedures that are fair, reasonable and comprehensible. These translations and general language services include bilingual staff being present at most Clerk’s offices and, if not present, the provision of a telephonic interpreter assistance via an outside language provider.

When considering Los Angeles’ population and the languages represented, a vast percentage do speak Spanish. Therefore, any court user whose primary language is Spanish will be guaranteed Spanish court services in the form of an interpreter provided on-site. Spanish interpreters should be available at any court house, eliminating the need to request one prior to court proceedings.

No interpreter required

As mandated in Los Angeles court, qualified court interpreters for Spanish speakers are assigned at no cost to the court user in the following areas: criminal, juvenile delinquency, probate, mental health, family law, civil harassment, unlawful detainer (eviction), traffic, small claims, and other civil cases. However, though these interpreters may be qualified in providing language services such as speaking Spanish in court, they may not have the legal knowledge that would provide meaningful insight and assistance to Spanish speakers during court proceedings.

If the interpreter does not have adequate law experience or background knowledge, the court user may receive a Spanish translation that does not accurately reflect court proceedings as precisely as when it is communicated in English. Therefore, an assigned interpreter may not be the best option for communicating legal matters that are for the court users’ best interest.

Getting legal advice in Spanish

If you are a Spanish speaker and you, or a loved one, have been injured in an accident, you don’t want to rely on an interpreter in order to understand your lawyer. If you want the best advocacy in court possible, you will need a lawyer that will not only defend your interests, but will also discuss legal action with you directly in your first language. In Los Angeles Courts, a Spanish speaking personal injury lawyer is not beyond your reach.

With Greg Yates, legal advice is communicated just as professionally and competently in Spanish as in English. Nothing should prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity and seeking a free consultation with Mr. Yates now. Don’t let your language barrier impede your search for justice or prevent you from receiving the appropriate personal injury compensation that you deserve.