Chatsworth, CA

Chatsworth, CA

Located on the north-western side of Los Angeles, Chatsworth is a friendly neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. Though the community’s namesake is taken from the Chatsworth House in England, Chatsworth lays claim to a lengthy and diverse history. Once inhabited by several Native American tribes over 8,000 years ago, Chatsworth was a major trading place between tribes and still retains remnants of the distant past.

As European explorers spread out in California, Chatsworth fell under Spain’s dominion which transformed its Native American trail into a village dedicated to transportation. Even as the land traded hands between Spain, Mexico and finally the U.S., Chatsworth’s “Old Santa Susana Stage Road” trail still exists, having been a route for pedestrians, wagons, stage coaches and, finally, modern day vehicles. And, although today’s Chatsworth bears little resemblance to its rugged western past, it still pays homage to this history through the Chatsworth Transportation Center, a major transportation hub.

Facts about Chatsworth:

Zip Codes: 91311, 91313
Area Codes: 818, 747
Population: 36,557
County: Los Angeles
State: California

Open spaces

Chatsworth is prime real estate for a couple reasons. Having an unusually low population density compared to a relatively high-income level, Chatsworth is a prime spot for urbanites who want to live in an established residential area with easy access to outdoor recreation. Unlike other parts of the San Fernando Valley, Chatsworth has several open-space parks, preserving as much of the city’s fauna and flora as possible.

If you are a Chatsworth resident, you have your pick of parks. Chatsworth parks to the north and south offer a combined 120 acres consisting of recreational facilities such as volleyball courts as well as hiking trails, historic features, and various types of landscapes for you to explore with your friends and family.

Besides these two major parks, there are numerous historical and recreational parks ranging in size from 3 acres to 1600 acres that offer you a glimpse into the past as well as an opportunity for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. Another distinctive feature of the area is the Chatsworth Reservoir which was taken out of service and converted into the Chatsworth Nature Preserve. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will want to check out the wildlife that lives there.

As for the area’s economy, Chatsworth is home to the National Notary Association as well as the headquarters for Premier America. Numerous engineering and hydraulic businesses can also be found in Chatsworth such as Capstone Turbine and Natel Engineering.

Legal services nearby

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