Motorcycle accident and injury attorney

Motorcycle accident and injury attorney

Motorcycle enthusiasts are often asked why do they ride, given the inherent dangers involved. For those who are in love with this form of travel, the list is extensive. Motorcycles cost about a quarter of their four-wheeled counterparts, and they use quite a bit less fuel per mile. Maneuvering in traffic and parking are significantly easier, and the experience of being outdoors with nothing but the bike beneath you is incredibly enjoyable. However, even the most stalwart rider is aware that they are at a greater risk of being seriously injured in the event of a collision.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, the road ahead can be long and difficult, both from a medical and financial standpoint. Rather than try to deal with all of it on your own, contact a motorcycle accident attorney to guide you through the process and ensure that your expenses are covered. Gregory A. Yates and associates is one of the best firms in Los Angeles at achieving excellent outcomes in cases involving every manner of motorcycle accident scenarios.

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Filing a police report is the first step in establishing the facts of the accident. After that, your attorney will make sure that there is documentation regarding all of the losses you suffered. This will include medical bills that cover any expenses you incur both at the hospital immediately after the accident as well as any ongoing expenses related to your recovery. It’s also important to include the cost of lost work and a decline in your quality of life as a direct result of your injuries.

Don’t worry if this all sounds overwhelming. In fact, your only concern should be getting better. Los Angeles motorcycle injury attorney, Gregory A. Yates and his associates have the expertise and years of experience needed to handle all the legal details, whether that means preparing for a trial or negotiating a settlement.

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With a reputation as one of the best motorcycle accident attorneys in California, Mr. Yates is often able to avoid a trial all together. Because insurance companies are well aware of his track record in obtaining favorable case results, they are more likely to settle out of court.

If you have any questions regarding injuries received during serious car accidents or those involving a motorcycle, feel free to call today for a free consultation. Mr. Yates and associates are ready to go to bat for you.