Can you sue for car defects?

Can you sue for car defects?

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a design flaw in your automobile, you are within your rights to bring a lawsuit to recover any losses you’ve incurred. You will require representation from a product liability attorney who specializes in vehicle defect cases. In Southern California, attorney Gregory A. Yates has been successfully representing clients in car defect cases for over twenty years.

Mr. Yates approaches each case not only with the goal of gaining compensation for the losses of his clients, but ensuring that changes are made in the car design to protect the safety of future drivers. As an example, Yates brought suit against Hyundai because of malfunctioning seat belts. He was able to win awards for the clients who’d been injured because of the defect, and, as a result, Hyundai redesigned the belts to make them safe.

Who to file a claim against

Once you’ve realized that you’ve suffered an injury due to a vehicle design flaw, you may wonder against whom to file suit to receive compensation for the damages suffered. Should you name the manufacturer? Or, how about the dealer who sold you the car? The answer to this question partially lies in the issue of prior knowledge.

For example, if the manufacturer has identified the automobiles with defects and notified the dealer, then the dealer is ultimately responsible for pulling that cars off of his/her lot. Fortunately, once you’ve retained Los Angeles attorney, Gregory Yates, you won’t need to worry about these details. It’s his duty to research and glean all of this information prior to bringing suit on your behalf.

Getting the legal help you need

The first step to receiving the compensation you’re owed in a product liability case is to contact Encino attorney, Gregory Yates. He is an expert in car defect law and will make sure you get a fair settlement. He will also protect future owners of the vehicle from having to suffer the same injury that you’ve had to endure. Call the office today to set up a consultation regarding your case.