Native Spanish speakers deserve a Spanish speaking attorney

Native Spanish speakers deserve a Spanish speaking law firm

Spanish is the second most spoken language in California. In fact, many businesses have adapted to this demographic by offering products and services in Spanish as well as English. However, if a native Spanish speaker is injured in an accident, they may not get the representation they deserve unless they have a Spanish speaking law firm.

When it comes to California law, a translator cannot be as effective in advocating for Spanish speakers as an attorney with a Spanish speaking staff would be. Many Spanish speakers in California are originally from Mexico, Central America and Europe which means they may not be familiar with U.S. legal proceedings and laws. As a result, these clients are at risk for either being railroaded or not receiving the justice they are due in court. An attorney whose team is fluent in Español can prevent this predicament by discussing court proceedings and legal rulings in the client’s first language, thus, removing confusion or miscommunication.

Know your rights

If you have been injured and Spanish is your first language, you should consult with a Spanish speaking personal injury attorney firm in Los Angeles. Even if you know a little English, speaking in your first language will be the best forum for discussing Personal Injury Cases since it will ensure that you get the advocacy and legal representation you deserve.

Serving the greater area of Los Angeles, Gregory Yates is an attorney whose specialty is personal injury law, with a bilingual staff. Recovering millions for his clients, Greg Yates is experienced in the legal complexities of personal injury lawsuits. Via his team, Mr. Yates provides legal counsel to native Spanish speakers so that they can stay informed and be proactive in their cases.

 ¿Necesitas Ayuda?

Speak Spanish and need help? Schedule your initial free consultation with Attorney Gregory Yates. Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Yates’ team can discuss your case in detail without interfering language barriers. Speaking Spanish should not deter you from seeking justice for your injuries. A top Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm, Gregory Yates will defend your case and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled. Head of one of the top Spanish speaking personal injury attorney firms in Los Angeles, Gregory Yates is dedicated to defending the rights of his clients and providing superior legal assistance to Spanish speakers. He and his staff will work tirelessly to get the justice you deserve.