Personal Injury

Personal Injury

The legal term “personal injury” refers to any injury that an individual(s) has sustained as a result of negligence or wrong doing. Damages can include bodily injury as well as injury resulting in mental and emotional distress. A personal injury case is a type of tort lawsuit which simply means that it is a “civil” wrong vs. “criminal” wrong doing. The purpose of personal injury law is to give the injured person or “plaintiff” a way in which to seek financial compensation for all of the losses he or she has sustained as a result of the negligence on the part of the defendant.

The two basic issues involved in a personal injury claim are being able to prove that the defendant in question is liable for any damages that you have sustained. Legal action can be brought against an individual or party who actions, whether accidental or purposeful, have resulted in some type of injury or injuries. While a good majority of claims involve negotiated settlements between the plaintiff, defendant, and an insurance company, cases in which the injuries sustained are serious and/or of a permanent nature may necessitate a case going to trial in order for the plaintiff to receive the appropriate compensation for pain and suffering.

Gregory Yates, P.C. is a skilled personal injury attorney who has years of experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits. He has been at the center of many high profile personal injury cases and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for injured victims.

Mr. Yates and his associates focus on the following types of personal injury cases:

  • Catastrophic injuries
    Injuries that have an enormous and often permanent impact on the victim including brain and spinal cord injuries, severe burns, multiple fractures, and neurological disorders.
  • Serious motor vehicle accidents
    Motor vehicle accidents that result in catastrophic injuries to the brain and spinal cord, loss of limbs, severe burns, and/or loss of life.
  • Wrongful death
    Accidents or deliberate actions that result in the death of the victim