Focus practice areas

Focus practice areas

Located in Encino, attorney Gregory Yates has been serving the people of Southern California for over three decades. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a car accident, slip and fall, product defect or dog bite, you’ll need the help of an excellent personal injury attorney to represent your claim against the responsible party. When it comes to proving liability and winning generous awards for his clients, Gregory Yates is unrivaled in his field.

He specializes in the following practice areas:

  • catastrophic injuries
  • products liability
  • motor vehicle defect
  • wrongful death
  • serious motor vehicle accidents
  • dog bites
  • attorney malpractice

Mr. Yates is known for working extremely hard to win his clients a settlement amount which will help them to cover any damages already suffered as well as any potential future needs.

Gregory Yates has the experience

One of the more difficult situations to find yourself in is when your current attorney doesn’t represent your interests properly. This is called attorney malpractice and is just one of Gregory Yates’ specialities. He has years of experience studying case history and the resulting awards or lack thereof to help determine whether or not the client received fair and appropriate legal counsel from their previous attorney. Just because a lawyer has passed the California State Bar doesn’t mean that he or she is both competent and ethical.

Which area of the law brought you here?

If you’ve suffered a serious personal injury, car accident injury, or been on the receiving end of legal malpractice or a product defect, you’ve come to the right place. The law firm of Gregory Yates has won hundreds of settlements for clients who’ve been wronged in one of the aforementioned ways. The attorneys on staff are dedicated to getting their clients the best possible settlements and have one of the highest success rates in the business.

Call Gregory Yates today and take charge of your future.