What makes a great attorney?

What makes a great attorney?

All attorneys are required to have the same qualifications — complete a bachelor’s degree program, earn a Juris Doctor degree at an ABA-accredited law school, and pass a state bar exam as well as undergoing an evaluation by that state’s board of examiners before getting full legal licensure.

But, what makes a great attorney? It’s much more than just having the aforementioned qualifications. It’s more than having good people skills, being an effective writer, or possessing intelligence and good judgment. The following is a list of some of the characteristics possessed by a great attorney:

  • Is always available and accessible to clients
  • Knows and understands the client’s business
  • Looks for ways to make legal services more valuable to clients
  • Will do what he or she agrees to and will get it done on time
  • Projects confidence in any setting
  • Seeks meaningful feedback from clients
  • Is loyal to his or her clients

Gregory A. Yates, Los Angeles personal injury attorney, possess these characteristics as well as some important traits that transform a good attorney into a great attorney, giving him an edge when it comes to understanding the legal issues of his clients and providing them with the most effective solutions.

What to look for

Five traits of a great attorney are:

  • Compassion — provides the foundation for good people skills and allows you to focus on how others feel and their perspective on the issues
  • Ability to listen — having effective communication skills is essential to being a good lawyer; listening to clients, adversaries, colleagues, and judges makes a great attorney
  • Assertiveness — being able to state your opinions and make yourself heard while remaining respectful of others makes a great attorney
  • Creativeness — each situation is unique and each client must be handled differently; a great attorney needs to be creative in order to find real solutions to the issues facing his or her clients
  • Perseverance — a great attorney keeps trying, keeps working, keeps fighting to bring his or her cases to a successful conclusion

Where to find it

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