Protecting consumer interest in the courtroom

Protecting consumer interest in the courtroom

If you or a loved one sustains injuries caused by a defective product, you are legally entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering. The process is designed to assist you in your healing. But, there is a larger purpose served when you take your case to the legal system. Bringing attention to the dangers posed by certain products benefits the public interest by pressuring companies to attach warning labels to their products or change the offending design aspect. Additionally, publicizing your experience may serve to warn others who use the product, preventing additional injury cases from occurring. Unfortunately, none of these things will happen without the assistance of a qualified consumer attorney.

When Los Angeles residents are in need of expert legal help, the attorney many turn to is Gregory Yates. In his thirty years as a practicing lawyer, Mr. Yates has garnered extensive experience in litigating and settling product liability cases. His winning record is one of the highest in California, and he enjoys a well-earned reputation for earning the maximum settlement amount for his clients. More importantly, he gives each and every case the personal attention it deserves.

Getting legal advice specific to your situation

Every case is different, and therefore, must be examined thoroughly before a case is filed. Attorney Yates meets with clients first, establishing a timeline of events and gathering all of the facts before determining liability. He relies on his extensive knowledge of the law and years of experience when calculating a fair amount of compensation for the damages each client has suffered. Operating with a passion for consumer protection, Gregory Yates will work tirelessly to ensure that you earn the maximum financial settlement to which you are entitled.

Find the right attorney for your case

If you are in need of a top-notch attorney experienced in consumer laws, you can’t go wrong by contacting Gregory Yates at his law office in Encino for a consultation. With a commitment to protecting public interest, and a desire to help those who have suffered damages at the hands of others, Mr. Yates is simply the best attorney for the job.