Sue the manufacturer for personal injury

Sue the manufacturer for personal injury

Everyone experiences health issues at one time or another which can range from a simple vitamin deficiency to a more serious condition. Often, prolonged or life-threatening conditions are the symptoms of a deeper cause such as contaminated water or air pollution. All it takes is one careless action on the part of a major manufacturer to result in permanent, debilitating consequences for innumerable lives. This is especially true in densely populated areas such as Los Angeles, California, where one assault on the environment such as the indiscriminate use of pesticide chemicals can result in multiple long-term effects.

For this reason, personal injury attorneys consider every possible culprit. What causes some injuries may not be obvious. In cases of cancer, lead poisoning, and other critical conditions, the source of the problem can be anything that you’re exposed to every day, from paint to weed killer. However, once you have identified the cause, what can you do?

For most Americans, paying astronomical hospital bills for another’s negligence is unjust, especially if that other party is a wealthy manufacturer that has no intention of removing its unsafe products from the market. In these cases, you should sue the manufacturer so that you can receive due compensation for your injuries as well as holding that manufacturer accountable for its delinquent actions.

Recent cases

While you may feel intimidated about suing a huge manufacturer or corporation, there have been lawsuits, such as the Roundup court case, which have proved to be successful. Only a few months ago, a federal jury found Monsanto’s popular herbicide product, “Roundup,” to be responsible to causing one man’s non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Edwin Hardeman, a 70-year-old Sonoma County resident, claimed that using Roundup on his land for the past 26 years was directly responsible for his developing the cancer.

Although Monsanto, owned by the Bayer corporation, maintains that the weed-killer does not cause cancer, the jury found enough evidence to hold the manufacturer responsible for Hardeman’s illness.

This court case is just one of the many lawsuits that are filed for the purpose of seeking compensation for injuries incurred by manufacturers’ careless acts or omissions of risks. If you believe your injury was either directly or indirectly caused by a manufacturer, you should consult with a personal injury attorney today.

Your case

Gregory A. Yates is a top personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Having recovered millions for his clients in high profile lawsuits, Gregory Yates has the knowledge and the experience to advocate for your cause in court. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case and create a plan of action to sue the manufacturer in question for personal injury.

Gregory Yates will help you determine the amount of compensation due by considering the initial harm and long term affects of your injuries. Don’t let big manufacturers get away with pedaling shoddy products without being aware of the consequences. With Mr. Yates and his associates defending your case, you will receive justice while holding that manufacturer accountable.