Is it worth it to hire an attorney?

Is it worth it to hire an attorney?

If you have been injured in an accident that is not your fault, hiring a personal injury attorney can insure that you will receive a just and fair settlement. A personal injury attorney can make a huge difference between getting the compensation that you need and deserve and getting a less than equitable settlement that leaves you with out-of-pocket expenses for medical bills as well as lost wages.

The benefits of retaining the services of a personal injury attorney are many. In addition to having the legal knowledge and extensive experience in representing injured persons, your attorney has a support staff to handle all of the paperwork that comes with this type of case . A personal injury attorney also has experience when it comes to negotiating a settlement with the opposing party’s insurance company. Personal injury laws vary from state to state so it is important to have an attorney who knows all the ins and outs of the laws in your particular state as well in the county in which you reside.

Personal Injury attorneys work on a “contingency basis” which means that they will not charge you any legal fees unless they are successful in winning your case whether it involves a negotiated settlement or a trial verdict. In general, legal fees for these types of cases range from 33%-40% of the final settlement, but do not include attorney fees such as the filing fee for your lawsuit and other court costs that are incurred during the case.

Is your case strong enough to win?

In a personal injury case, the burden of proof is placed on you, the plaintiff. In order to have the best possible chance of winning your case, it is vital that you gather as much evidence as possible to prove negligence on the part of the opposing party. Examples of evidence that could be used to build a strong case include:

  • accident scene photographs
  • any police reports that may have been filed
  • eyewitness statements,
    medical records relating to injuries incurred as a result of the incident
  • proof of lost wages

Cost considerations

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