Client reviews for attorney Gregory Yates

Client reviews for attorney Gregory Yates

Would you be surprised to discover that human beings possess a quality called the “negativity bias,” and, as a result, are far more likely to recall and recount negative experiences than positive ones? This is the case with regards to the advent of computerized client reviews of professionals such as attorneys.

When choosing an attorney to represent you, it’s important to at least get a feel for how others rate him or her, keeping in mind that you should take everything you read with a grain of salt. A law firm could work with hundreds of happy clients, and yet have a disproportionate number of negative online reviews from the few unsatisfied customers. People are just more likely to hang onto their bad thoughts and want to pass them along.

That’s why it’s impressive that a quick online search turns up a good number of rave reviews of personal injury attorney, Gregory Yates, located in Encino, CA. For each unhappy voice, there are many more who’ve spoken up to tell the story of their very satisfied experience of working with him.

A proven history of winning cases

A member of the California State Bar for over three decades, Gregory Yates has been winning legal battles for clients for a very long time. A visit to his website yields a list of case records and the large settlements Mr. Yates and associates were able to secure for their clients. He firmly believes that losing court cases is evidence that a lack of every last bit of effort was put into the case history and other research. He is known as one of the “winningest” attorneys in the area because he approaches each case with a tenacity rarely seen in the field.

Why our clients refer family and friends

Gregory Yates is one of the best attorneys in Encino, CA. Take a few minutes to read some of the positive client reviews online to see what others are saying about their experiences. Many of these testimonials include a line where the client says he or she would absolutely refer friends and family members to Mr. Yates should they find themselves in need of legal counsel. That’s the highest praise an attorney can receive.

If you’re in need of a personal injury attorney, visit the website today to see a listing of court results and settlements that Gregory Yates has achieved in his long and illustrious career, and you’ll feel confident that you’re in good hands.