Lawsuit settlements in California

Lawsuit settlements in California

If you’ve had the misfortune of being injured as a result of a car accident, negligent act or defective product and are wondering how to file a lawsuit to recover damages suffered, you’ll need to contact an attorney specializing in personal injury. They will represent your interests in court and will advise you regarding the amount of money you deserve to compensate you for such things as medical care, physical pain and suffering, emotional pain, loss of the ability to work, and more.

It’s very important before choosing an attorney to check their record both in terms of wins/losses and settlement amounts. In other words, it is not enough to simply win a case if the settlement check is not adequate to cover your past and future projected losses. Before you even consider collecting a settlement check from a lawsuit, you need to verify that you have an attorney who will go above and beyond in representing your rights.

Located in Los Angeles County, personal injury attorney, Gregory Yates, has one of the highest success rates of winning lawsuit settlements in California. In addition, he has a reputation for procuring the best financial awards for his clients. This comes from an attention to detail and impeccable knowledge of the law.

Following court procedures

If you want to guarantee that you receive the money you are owed for the misfortune you’ve suffered, you also need to verify that the personal injury attorney to whom you entrust your case is highly adept at navigating the court system. Greg Yates, along with the associates at his Los Angeles Law offices, have countless years of experience between them, and are perfectionists in the area of court procedures. This is of the utmost importance because making errors can actually affect the bottom line — the lawsuit settlements they gain for their clients.

We protect your rights from start to finish

One of the skills that top notch personal injury attorney’s possesses when negotiating a settlement is to know when to accept the offer. This is important because it’s important to fight for the best lawsuit settlement while also considering that holding out too long might result in diminishing your chances of fair compensation. In addition, protecting your legal rights means meeting all filing deadlines with an eye to the statute of limitations on your case.

The bottom line is that if you want to make sure your best interests are protected, and get a settlement check fast, you’d be well advised to contact attorney Gregory Yates. With him on your side, you can feel confident that your case will be handled with the level of personal attention and professionalism you deserve.